5 October 2021

RealityMine Launches Qualitative Licence Programme

RealityMine today announced a new qualitative licence programme specifically for brands and researchers who wish to build innovative research approaches and offer digital engagements programs.

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9 September 2021

RealityMine Launches New Mobile Gaming Behavioural Data Capabilities

RealityMine today announced new mobile gaming behavioural data capabilities. RealityMine is able to capture and report on mobile gaming content that opted-in panellists have played across all mobile devices.

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6 July 2021

RealityMine Launches New Entertainment Data Solutions

RealityMine today announced a new suite of entertainment data solutions specifically for researchers working in the entertainment vertical. The new offer is able to capture and report on entertainment content that opted-in panellists have accessed across web, mobile app, tablet, and PC platforms.

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24 June 2021

RealityMine Launches Financial Services Offer

RealityMine today announced a new set of capabilities for clients in financial services. RealityMine’s financial services solution enables researchers to better understand consumer behavioural data as it relates to financial services across online across mobile, tablet and PC.

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17 June 2021

RealityMine and Rippll Announce Partnership

RealityMine and Rippll today announced a partnership to provide their clients with single source digital behavioural capture and transaction data from Rippll’s Open Banking technology.

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6 May 2021

RealityMine Introduces New Product for CX Programmes

RealityMine today announced the addition of its Experience SDK to its product offering. Building on its deep relationships and experience within audience measurement, RealityMine have extended their technology to address unfulfilled needs in the market for voice of the customer (VoC) data capture. The technology allows brands to target opted-in users with surveys based on their engagement with competitor websites and applications…

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6 April 2021

RealityMine Introduces RealLife Healthcare

RealityMine today announced RealLife Healthcare. RealLife Healthcare is a permission-based data technology solution, through an app and web interface, that captures unique digital data points from patients and physicians. The app collects granular detail on a respondent’s digital life. RealLife Healthcare captures reach, frequency and duration of application and website use, enabling the world’s leading healthcare organisations to engage with physicians’ and patients’ digital journey across all devices and on all major operating systems…

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22 March 2021

RealityMine ramps up team with three new hires following on strong 2020 growth

RealityMine today announced three new hires to support its clients and continue to deliver best in class solutions globally. “With an ever greater shift to digital in all aspects of our lives, researchers and brands are looking to unlock digital consumer insights through quality behavioural data technology. RealityMine has seen tremendous growth over the last year,”…

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18 February 2021

RealityMine introduces audio measurement to its product offering

RealityMine is now able to capture and report on the streamed audio content that opted-in panellists have listened to across a range of music, radio, podcast, and audiobook streaming services. The data provided to clients will include information such as the name of the application used, the content being listened to, and the duration over which it was consumed…

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29 January 2021

RealityMine announces addition of Disney+ measurement

With Disney reaching over 86 million paid subscribers a little over a year after launching and Hotstar accounting for 30% of this figure, Disney have firmly cemented their position as a leading player in the streaming wars. And, RealityMine is now able to provide its clients with visibility of the content being consumed by opted-in users viewing Disney+ and Hotstar…

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