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RealityMine enables the world’s leading market research organisations to monitor real consumers across multiple devices and on all major operating systems. This permission-based data collection provides unique insights into the behaviour of consumers and is integrated by agencies into syndicated products, audience measurement currencies and custom research globally.


When RealityMine was launched in 2012, the iPhone was five years old and the PC was still the device of choice for internet access. By 2015, the smartphone had surpassed the PC for share of digital time in the United States, United Kingdom, and other developed markets. It is now the most popular way to access the internet globally. So, what are people doing on their mobile devices?

In order to achieve the most complete view of what a person is actually doing on their digital device, we have to meter them — passively, with their permission, across their smartphones, tablets and PCs.

RealityMine is trusted to provide respondent level cross-device usage data at industry standard levels. This trust comes from RealityMeter being the most comprehensive and consistent data collection tool available across global markets and all major operating systems.

About RealityMeter

RealityMeter does exactly what the name suggests: it meters reality. It doesn’t rely on recall, ascribed behaviours, or inference from the combination of disparate data sets.

RealityMeter reveals:

  • online browsing and search behaviour;
  • application usage;
  • digital media and video-on-demand consumption habits;
  • online user journeys and their path to purchase;
  • user behaviour and activity within retailer websites and apps;
  • location, device and network statistics; and
  • how digital behaviour overlays on customer segmentation.

The list of applications that can be addressed by RealityMeter are endless.

Learn More

Start collecting real life consumer behaviour data once you’ve installed the RealityMeter technology onto your panel or your supplier’s panel. Access raw data or choose from one of the following RealLife data products to assist you in your journey to using behavioural data from passive metering.

Work with RealityMine

Are you interested enough to test passive metering with one of your projects? Call us first. We can discuss your project with you and determine if passive metering is the correct methodology. We are only interested in developing long-term partnerships with insight professionals within research organisations so we will only work on projects where we are confident of mutual success. We can discuss how best to achieve your research objectives, and how to deliver the data; whether through data tables, Tableau dashboards or integrating into your panel management and other data systems.

Policies and Procedures

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