Our Mission

To be the global technology leader for high quality passive research, enabling our clients to reveal unique insights from real life consumer behaviour.

About Passive Metering

When RealityMine was launched in 2012, the iPhone was five years old and the PC was still the device of choice for internet access. By 2015, the smartphone had surpassed the PC for share of digital time in the United States, the United Kingdom and other developed markets, and it is now the most popular way to access the internet globally. So what are people doing on their mobile devices?

The only way to see what a person is actually doing on their digital device is to meter them — passively, with their permission, across their iPhones, Androids, Tablets and PCs.

About RealityMeter

RealityMeter does exactly what the name suggests: it meters reality. Not recall. Not ascribed behaviour. Not insight scraped from tenuously combining big data sets together.

RealityMeter provides insight into:

  • what is really going on;
  • who is actually buying what and where;
  • what video content is being consumed on which platform and by whom;
  • what the real path to purchasing a product is;
  • which apps are really popular and how effective they are; and
  • how actual digital behaviour overlays on customer segmentation

The list of applications of RealityMeter are endless.


Why doesn’t everybody include passive metering in their research design? First, it’s new technology, and despite an impressive list of innovative customers and receiving an impressive list of awards, it takes time for us to spread the word. Second, passive data needs to sit within your research ecosystem, and the earliest iterations of passive data did not always do that: it was big, noisy, a challenge.

We at RealityMine understand that multi-source data from surveys, panels, CRM and transactional data is now the norm, so we will help to integrate passive data into your research insights. It is our job to make sure every project you do with us delivers the insights your clients demand.

Work with RealityMine

Are you interested enough to test passive metering with one of your projects? Call us first. We can discuss your project with you and determine if passive metering is the correct methodology. We are only interested in developing long-term partnerships with insight professionals within research organisations so we will only work on projects where we are confident of mutual success. We can discuss how best to achieve your research objectives, and how to deliver the data; whether through data tables, Tableau dashboards or integrating into your panel management and other data systems.

Policies and Procedures

Full details of our Information Security PolicyPrivacy PolicyQuality Policy and Environmental Policy are publicly available. If you would like to see any further information about RealityMine’s policies and procedures, please contact us at info@realitymine.com.

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