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RealityMine Launches New Mobile Gaming Behavioural Data Capabilities

By September 9, 2021 No Comments

RealityMine today announced new mobile gaming behavioural data capabilities. 

RealityMine is able to capture and report on mobile gaming content that opted-in panellists have played across all mobile devices. This allows clients to understand the reach, frequency, and use of game titles across target populations. The data provided to clients includes information such as the game played, frequency of play, and the duration of the gaming session. Gaming data is part of the RealityMine Entertainment capability and can also be contextualised alongside other key digital behavioural data points such as in-app YouTube content, Spotify audio data, and social media platform use. 

“The gaming industry continued to grow in 2020, a year when many industries shrank, and obviously has been an important entertainment source both before the pandemic and especially now. For researchers trying to understand information about gaming across target demographics, having access to behavioural data is more important than ever in terms of gaining a fuller, more accurate picture in market research,” says Alex Sunnerstam, SVP Data Solutions & Partnerships.

About RealityMine
RealityMine enables many of the world’s largest market research and media organisations to monitor real consumers on multiple devices, across all major platforms, revealing unique insights from real life consumer behaviour. The firm’s RealityMeter can be deployed across Android, iOS and desktop platforms, and is deployed by leading panel owners and research clients across five continents. RealityMine is headquartered in Manchester, England with offices in London, Stockholm and Sydney. For more information, visit