What are the most popular shows across all streaming services?

How is a new series performing on a competitor platform?

Which competitor streamers are my customers spending most time on?

RealityMine Connect Overview

Streaming accounts for 50%+ of viewing time today, yet measurement and competitive intelligence has lagged behind.

RealityMine Connect enables streamers, studios and agencies to collect verified content viewing data captured directly from users’ accounts to power measurement and insight to support business decision making.

Initiated through an interface within a client or white label application, users can choose to connect their accounts and share their viewing data. 

Using a privacy first approach, user credentials do not leave the user’s device and no other data is captured beyond what they watched, when they watched it, and for how long.​ 

This scalable privacy-safe software solution can be deployed at scale across 1st party assets or via 3rd party research providers, without the need for costly hardware deployment or maintenance, and without the recall bias associated with survey methods. 

Why Use It?

Streaming video intelligence

  • Content Performance
  • Competitive & Market Intelligence
  • Audience Understanding

Cross platform, cross device

  • High Frequency, Individual Level Viewing Data
  • Collected Direct From Users’ Account
  • Not Self-reported, No Recall Bias

Enrich your customer view

  • Connect To First Party Data
  • Identify Trends And Opportunities
  • Close Data Gaps And Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Panellist Experience

RealityMine Connect is available as an SDK for integration into client and partner applications, or as a branded white label. 

Users are invited to share their data, connect their accounts by entering platform credentials and will be prompted to reconnect should any failure occur. No additional action is required from the user. 

  • Usernames and passwords are never shared
  • Data extraction is performed on-device
  • Only the viewing activity data leaves the device – no personal details

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