Interview with Alex Sunnerstam

By July 9, 2024 No Comments

The RealityMine Connect team is thrilled to share insights about our innovative technology, which is designed to revolutionise audience measurement and data analytics.

We sat down with Alex Sunnerstam, SVP of Data Partnerships, to discuss how RealityMine Connect sets itself apart from other tools on the market. Alex shares her expertise on the unique capabilities of RealityMine Connect, including its ability to capture comprehensive viewing data across multiple platforms and devices and the ease with which it integrates into existing analytics frameworks. Read on to discover how RealityMine Connect can transform your understanding of audience behaviour.

What is RealityMine Connect?

RealityMine Connect is a unique technology that captures verified viewing data across 15+ video streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. It enables streamers, studios, and agencies to power measurement and insight like never before, offering a comprehensive understanding of audience streaming behaviour, preferences, and attention.

How does RealityMine Connect differ from other methods?

It comes down to coverage and consistency. Unlike other data capture methods, RealityMine Connect can consistently capture data from over 15 services, and that number is continuously growing. One of our standout features is our ability to access walled garden data without needing direct integration with the streaming platforms. This means we can gather comprehensive insights from even the most closed-off services, ensuring our clients accurately understand audience behaviour across all major platforms. This unique capability sets us apart and provides unmatched value to our clients.

Event-level time series data allows our clients to combine RealityMine Connect data with existing datasets, such as first-party data, to analyse cross-platform content preferences more effectively, viewing patterns throughout the day and multi-device usage trends.

Can RealityMine Connect capture data across different devices and content types?

Yes. One of RealityMine Connect’s strengths is its ability to track cross-device usage, including all devices, such as connected televisions (CTV) and portable devices. This provides a comprehensive view of consumer behaviour. More importantly,  we capture viewing behaviour from all devices connected to an account. This capability is crucial because many traditional tools fall short in this area.

How does RealityMine Connect address gaps in traditional data collection methods?

Traditional CTV data, for example, often misses a lot of streaming content because it’s typically confined to CTV’s proprietary apps. RealityMine Connect fills this gap by capturing viewing data across all CTV applications and devices at home or on the go, not just the proprietary ones. This ensures there are no blind spots, providing a complete picture of what the audience is actually watching.

How user-friendly is RealityMine Connect for audiences?

It’s very user-friendly! It replicates your sign-in process for your account, and you only have to sign in once. Of course, it’s fully GDPR compliant. It does not require the user to download watch history, upload, or do anything beyond signing in.

How does this approach to data collection impact respondents?

Our approach significantly reduces the burden on respondents. Instead of relying heavily on surveys, which can be time-consuming and sometimes inaccurate, we use automated data collection. This passive measurement technique means we collect data unobtrusively as users engage with content. It’s less intrusive for the respondents and reflects their viewing habits more accurately.

RealityMine Connect is a game-changer in audience measurement. It provides unmatched value and enables clients to make informed, strategic decisions based on comprehensive and accurate data. This makes it a reliable, all-encompassing tool that transforms how clients understand and engage with their audience.

Does RealityMine Connect integrate with existing analytics platforms and tools?

RealityMine Connect integrates seamlessly with a wide range of analytics platforms and tools. The data we collect is easily imported into existing analytics frameworks and even custom in-house solutions that many of our clients use. We also ensure our data standardised across formats, making it straightforward to combine with other data sources

How can you ensure that the data is collected at scale?

It always starts with the respondent and their willingness to engage. Feedback so far is excellent, and acceptance rates are high. RealityMine Connect can be deployed at scale across first-party assets or via third-party research providers and consumer apps if there is a clear value exchange for the consumer in sharing their data. There is no need for costly hardware deployment or maintenance. RealityMine Connect complements and enhances other data capture methods. We provide a more complete and accurate picture of audience behaviour, filling in critical gaps left by other services. This comprehensive view enables our clients to make more informed decisions and strategise effectively based on real, actionable insights.

Discover how RealityMine Connect can transform your audience measurement and data analytics. Contact our team today to learn more about how you can leverage our innovative technology to create unparalleled insights into your audience’s behaviour. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving media landscape—get in touch now!