RealityMine Quality Policy – Effective Date 19 May 2022

RealityMine is committed to establishing mutually beneficial relationships with its customers. We are also committed to meeting the agreed requirements that existing and potential customers have of our products and services. We are dedicated to delivering work of the highest quality through the services we provide.

RealityMine is committed to providing technology, data products and insights to ensure we help market research agencies, media research agencies, panel owners and brands understand digital behaviours. We work closely with our partners and stakeholders to ensure the highest standards are constantly improved. To attain the above, it is essential that documented procedures are established, operated and maintained in an appropriate and responsive Management System. We therefore operate a Business Management System (BMS) compatible to the ISO9001 standard.

As part of the company’s improvement programme, a series of objectives are set, monitored and regularly reviewed. Where appropriate we will involve customers in the development of our products and the delivery of our services, and keep them informed of relevant company developments.

We will adopt the latest technology and management methodologies, where appropriate, to improve the products and services we provide.

The effectiveness of this policy is dependent on three fundamental principles:

  • The commitment to identifying and providing development opportunities for all employees who work at RealityMine as they are vital to the success of the company
  • Success depends on customers; therefore we must work to ensure they are delighted with the products and services we provide
  • The BMS underpins the whole policy. There is a commitment throughout the organisation to continuously review and refine this to continuously improve RealityMine’s performance.

In commitment to our Quality Policy we welcome audits from our customers and potential customers.