The Simple Way to Add Passive Data to Your Market Research

RealityMeter enables the tracking of real consumers on multiple devices, across all major platforms, providing a holistic view of consumers’ daily lives. All this from a single source — an individual person.

RealityMeter is the world’s leading passive metering technology, and is deployed by the most innovative market research agencies across five continents.

Why consider passive metering?

Not only is market research changing, but so is today’s connected consumer. Survey responses are falling. Increasingly, insights come from multiple data sources. Adoption of new technologies and their impact on human behaviour is quickening with each new technology cycle. Media viewing habits from just ten years ago are unrecognisable, and the smartphone has become the preferred way to access the internet.

The good news…

Research technology has now caught up with this new media landscape. RealityMeter allows research professionals to discover and validate new insights into their target audiences across a wide range of research projects — from digital media consumption to path to purchase, from customer loyalty to marketing effectiveness.

RealityMeter is a simple, downloadable app that can be added directly to your panel, community or customer sample. Through RealityMeter, RealityMine collects and processes the data and sends it to you daily so you can easily view, understand and provide clients with additional valuable insight — whether as a standalone data source or in conjunction with other data sets, such as survey or customer data.

The RealityMeter Advantage

  • Available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • In-app survey tools that can be triggered by the panellists’ location or by visiting a website
  • In-app ACR capabilities
  • Granular data capture of VoD usage (e.g. YouTube)
  • Research-ready data, cleaned and sessionised
  • Multi-country, multi-language and multi-law ready
  • Established operation processes with optimised panellist experience
  • Range of data delivery and dashboard options

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