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RealityMine and Rippll Announce Partnership

By June 17, 2021 No Comments

RealityMine and Rippll today announced a partnership to provide their clients with single source digital behavioural capture and transaction data from Rippll’s Open Banking technology.

Through the partnership, RealityMine and Rippll – market leaders in behavioural and transaction measurement services respectively – will provide clients with enhanced visibility of the relationship between users’ digital behaviour and confirmed financial transactions sourced through Rippll’s Open Banking technology. This will allow clients to measure the digital behaviour of users alongside their spending patterns, delivering insight into the impact of online activity on real world spend.

“We’ve admired Rippll for some time and are delighted to be partnering with them.” comments Billy Grant, Head of Product at RealityMine. “We are two businesses producing highly complementary datasets that, brought together, will deliver significant value to our clients. Not only do we share a belief that data collection should be transparent and see users fairly rewarded for what they choose to share, we also view opt-in, single source measurement as the foundation on which researchers, advertisers and media owners need to make decisions.”

Doug Chisholm, CEO of Rippll, said, “We are very excited by the partnership as we believe that the combination of user behaviour with actual spend data makes for the holy grail in consumer analytics. Knowing exactly what consumers bought before and after key user journeys online, in apps and in the real world finally gives marketers the whole picture to fully understand their consumer and know how to serve them better.”

About Rippll

Rippll is Europe’s leading transaction measurement company, helping brands and agencies to measure everything from advertising effectiveness to competitor spend patterns through the power of open banking technology. The Rippll solution can be integrated into any web page, mobile app, email campaign or social media post, helping consumers to safely link their bank account in a couple of clicks to get an instant cash reward for sharing the most powerful transaction data in the analytics market today. Based in London, the company currently provides services in all European markets.

About RealityMine

RealityMine enables many of the world’s largest market research and media organisations to monitor real consumers on multiple devices, across all major platforms, revealing unique insights from real life consumer behaviour. The firm’s RealityMeter can be deployed across Android, iOS and desktop platforms, and is deployed by leading panel owners and research clients across five continents. RealityMine is headquartered in Manchester, England with offices in London, Stockholm and Sydney. For more information, visit