12 May 2020

Ipsos announces partnership with RealityMine to deliver ‘Ipsos iris’, the UKOM online audience measurement standard from January 2021

As the new standard in online audience measurement from 2021, Ipsos is leveraging RealityMine, the global leader in metering technology, to create ‘Ipsos iris’—with a cross-device, fully representative panel at its core. The Ipsos iris panel will comprise of 10,000 individuals who will install the RealityMine software on all their connected devices to truly understand reach and duplication across brands and accurately project audiences…
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6 May 2020

Nepa partners with RealityMine to provide behavioural data technology for its Omnichannel Path to Purchase and ‘Nepa Digital Pulse’ solutions

Nepa, a leading consumer research and analytics company, and RealityMine, a leading behavioural data technology provider, announced today a strategic partnership which will further enable Nepa’s digital behavioural data solutions—including strategic insights for Omnichannel Path to Purchase and tactical insights for Nepa Digital Pulse…
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28 April 2020

Userneeds and RealityMine Partner to Provide Key Insights on Nordic Consumers’ Digital Behaviour

Nordic market research specialist Userneeds has partnered with RealityMine, the leader in unique insights into the mobile and digital lives of consumers, to provide a more holistic view of the Nordic digital consumer. Leveraging Userneeds’ consumer panel of 300,000+ Irish, Finnish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian members and RealityMine’s RealityMeter technology…
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