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How to win the great streaming wars?

26 September 2023

As linear TV audiences continue to fall and viewers choose the freedom streaming offers them, measurement and competitive intelligence have lagged behind with significant implications for streamers and studios. How is content performing across multiple streaming services? Read more >>

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of streaming?

26 July 2023

In this newsletter, Mark Owen, Product Manager, discusses the next phase of VOD measurement in his latest article. We introduce RealityMine Connect, our newest product which provides cross-platform and cross-device audience measurement in realtime at individual level. Read more >>

How might AI impact insights and the collection of behavioural data?

28 June 2023

Do we still need the opinions of real humans? Should we just ask AI for all the answers now? Graham Dean, Chief Technology Officer at RealityMine, explores the impact of AI on data collection in his latest article. Read more >>

IS AI Changing Market Research?

31 May 2023

After attending the Stockholm Data Innovation Summit, Alex Sunnerstam, SVP, Data Partnerships, shares how AI can impact market research and data collection. Read more >>

What’s the Deal with TikTok?

27 April 2023

In this newsletter, our Head of Product, Billy Grant, shares how RealityMine has been helping clients to navigate this complexity for the last four years and how we help fill the gaps in your data. Read more >>

Can you Keep Up with Media Changes?

31 March 2023

In this newsletter, Billy Grant, Head of Product at RealityMine, explores the current video advertising measurement trends in his article. Read more >>

Recent News from RealityMine

28 February 2023

In this newsletter, learn more about RealityMine Data Marketplace. Read more >>

Recent News from RealityMine

31 January 2022

Happy New Year from all of us here at RealityMine! Check out some of the latest news and updates as we kick-off 2023! Read more >>