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‘TikTok Unraveled: Perceptions vs. Reality’

28 March 2024

For the second year in a row, RealityMine and AMPD Analytics have won the Best International Media Research at the Adwanted Media Research Awards 2024 (previously known as Mediatel).

The winning project, ‘TikTok Unraveled: Perceptions vs. Reality’ explores how TikTok user behaviour and attitudes in SE Asia compares to widely held perceptions and assumptions in the media. Read more >>

How to stay relevant in a crowded market

29 February 2024

Despite audiences spending more time watching streaming media (averaging around 3 hours per day), around 44% of viewers are considering cancelling their subscriptions.

Do you have a full understanding of what audiences watch at home & on the go, and are you really their top choice? Download the case study. Read more >>