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We are currently planning our event schedule for the second half of the year and look forward to meeting you at an upcoming event. Curious to learn more now about what can be achieved with behavioural data? Let’s meet up in London!

Past Events and Webinars

ProdegeMR and RealityMine Webinar

The Power of Real-time Behavioural Data in the Video-on-Demand Era
With the number of subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) users worldwide at an estimated 283 million and the expectations of it continuing to skyrocket, ProdegeMR and RealityMine wanted to learn a little more about what drives consumers to watch videos on their mobile devices. Watch our 30-minute webinar hosted by RealityMine CEO Chris Havemann and Adam Portner, Vice President of Client Solutions at ProdegeMR to discover how access to real-time behavioral data can help researchers understand media content popularity, type of device used, and time spent engaged with the content…
Access the recording via YouTube >

The Quirk’s Event – London

RealityMine Webinar

Beyond the traditional. Why passive metering, and why now?
What exactly is passive metering and how does it work? What kind of data does it collect—and how does it collect this data compliantly? How can you use passive metering for your clients’ research projects? Watch our 30-minute webinar hosted by RealityMine CEO Chris Havemann and COO Chris Shaw to discover how to best utilise passive metering technologies to capture an accurate picture of consumer’s real digital behaviour…
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