RealityMine Data Marketplace Overview

The RealityMine Data Marketplace enables customers to access real behaviour data from real people via a global, privacy-compliant dataset, built with best-in-class permission-based RealityMine technology.

Individual-level app and web clickstream behaviour with demographics is available for license, with the RealityMine Data Marketplace providing a complete view of today’s mobile connected consumer spanning search, website and webpage visits, app usage, and ad and media exposure.

Are you struggling with ‘blind spots’ in your consumer understanding?

Are you finding more of your consumer’s time is spent in walled-gardens?

Or do you have trouble believing consumers recall of online events?

  • Join the dots for a complete picture of your consumers & competitors
  • Gain intel into social & media walled gardens and platforms​
  • Sequence data to truly understand the customer journey

 Power your products and insights via the RealityMine Data Marketplace.

Disrupt, don’t be disrupted.

Now, you can get the very best behavioural data to power your products and insights through either licensing our tech or just simply buying the data you need!

How it Works

Behavioural data available in the RealityMine Data Marketplace is generated via RealityMine’s proprietary data capture and processing technology, leveraged by existing tech licensing partners, who are now bringing their unique and differentiated data assets to new customers via the RealityMine Data Marketplace.  

Current country coverage and approximate panel sizes are available below. For any country of interest, simply get in touch here ( and we will consult with you on your consumer objectives and requirements.  

Country Panel Size (Monthly Active Users) Demographics Ability to Survey
USA 80-100K Yes Yes
Japan 10-20K Yes
India 10-20K Yes
South East Asia* 9-16K Yes
South Korea 1-2K Yes
Taiwan 1-2K Yes

*Countries covered in South East Asia include Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore.

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RealityMine Data Marketplace Case Study

13 February 2023 • This case study looks at when AMPD Research, in order to supplement its own panels and to avoid the huge incremental investment required to expand its market coverage, turned to RealityMine Data Marketplace, to minimise lead time and implementation challenges associated with building and maintaining bespoke consumer panels.

RealLife Deliverables

RealLife Apps

The RealLife Apps report reveals the applications that panellists have installed on their device, when they are used and for how long.
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RealLife Websites

RealLife Websites is a daily report that provides a comprehensive view of panellists’ online browsing behaviour across mobile and desktop devices.
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RealLife Media Players

The RealLife Media Players report supplies clients with a consolidated feed that provides a granular view of streamed media consumption (audio and video) across major platforms and on any device.
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RealLife Shopper

RealLife Shopper delivers deep, granular ecommerce data to enable brands, retailers and their agencies to derive insights into customers’ product browsing and purchasing behaviour within retailers’ websites and apps, based on actual user behaviour.
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RealLife Social

The RealLife Social feed delivers a consolidated view of the advertisements that panellists have been exposed to and provides clients with a standardised view of captured data across platforms.
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