From digital media consumption to path to purchase, from customer loyalty to marketing effectiveness, RealityMine enables research professionals to discover and validate new insights into their target audiences across a wide range of research projects. Check out these recent studies where RealityMine technology was used:

9 July 2024 • Our latest case study, ‘Fallout: A Blast From The Past’, explores the interplay between different forms of media in today’s world of influencers and hyper-connected consumers.

28 March 2024 • ‘TikTok Unraveled: Perceptions vs. Reality’ (winner of Best International Media Research at the Adwanted Media Research Awards 2024) explores how the TikTok user behaviour and attitudes in SE Asia compares to the widely held perceptions and assumptions in the media.

22 February 2024 • With massive consumer adoption rates, streaming has driven a permanent shift in content consumption. How engaged are consumers with competitor services? What content is appealing to high-value ad audiences? This case study answers these questions, and more.

26 July 2023 • In the first days from launch, Threads downloads broke all records. What has been going on since? In this case study, RealityMine investigates three weeks on, using RealityMine Data Marketplace.

Official Coronation Emblem in red and blue

31 May 2023 • In this case study, RealityMine explores the online behaviours of consumers during the Coronation of King Charles III on 6th May 2023 using RealityMine Data Marketplace.

3 March 2023 • This awardwinning case study is a joint submission from AMPD Research and RealityMinewhich was successful in the Best International Media Research award at the Mediatel Media Research Awards 2023.

22 February 2021 • In this case study, SIFO researchers have mapped adverts for unhealthy food and drink that children see on their mobile phones.

2 November 2020 • To get at possible discrepancies between stated and actual media consumption this election cycle, Ipsos is tracking news consumption through passive metering technology provided by RealityMine, comprised of Ipsos KnowledgePanel members who agreed to install RealityMine software on their mobile device or personal computer, or both.

28 October 2020 • In a self-funded pilot study, HRW partnered with technology company RealityMine to use a passive mobile media tracing methodology over the course of a month to capture the detail of how eight people used mobile phone apps to support two health behaviours: alcohol reduction and adherence to medication.

14 January 2020 • In this case study, Formula 1 uses a duel-pronged approach supported by RealityMine’s RealityMeter technology and in-home ethnography from Walnut Unlimited to better understand their race fans’ digital experience.

24 October 2019 • In this case study, GIM leverages RealityMine’s RealityMeter technology to help researchers better understand profiles and media usage of the Gen Z population.

September 2019 • In this case study, Ofcom commissioned Kantar and RealityMine to deliver a mix of survey and behavioural data to understand smartphone news consumption among adults in Great Britain.

9 August 2019 • In this case study, Healthcare Research Worldwide uses RealityMine’s RealityMeter technology to track media consumption on mobile and desktop to examine the flow of information into and out of patient influencer ecosystems.

14 February 2019 • In this case study, ProdegeMR leverages its engaged online panel of over 60 million registered members plus RealityMine’s RealityMeter technology to help researchers understand how and why people consumed video content during the 2018 holiday season.

1 November 2017 • In this case study, we leverage RealityMine’s passive data to understand how fast food mobile apps are used, while also assessing brand loyalty for the ‘Just Eat’ app.

7 September 2017 • In this case study, the Wall Street Journal leverages a blend of traditional and cutting-edge methodologies supported by Kadence International and RealityMine to better understand its customers’ needs and behaviours, how they interact with the brand and content, and gain a clear direction for future proofing the brand’s product portfolio.

A woman shopping online with a credit card

25 July 2017 • In this case study, we focus on a demographic which is highly influenced by research and engaged in technology, and a product category which has an abundance of influential material available online to take a look at a ‘day in the life’ of a millennial fashion shopper.

6 February 2017 • In this case study, we combine our passive metering technology, advanced analytics, and data fusion skills to enable Behaviour & Attitudes (B&A) and Eircom to compare and contrast actual behaviour versus stated behaviour.