Our Team

business intelligence developer

Adam Lees

Data Science Tech Lead

Adam’s role at RealityMine is to transform, clean and analyse data and to help clients extract valuable insights. Adam enjoys that RealityMine has the best colleagues of anywhere he’s ever worked, and that there is so much opportunity to learn. He has a BSc in Mathematics from Durham University.

Alex Clough Junior Test Engineer

Alex Clough

Test Engineer

As a test engineer, Alex tests our software to ensure it is up to the best possible standards for our clients worldwide. He believes that RealityMine is an amazing place to work, with a very friendly atmosphere and interesting projects.

Alex Nicholson

Project Manager

Alex gained a 1st class degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Lincoln during which he completed a placement year as a software developer at a credit score provider. He has a further 3 years of experience as a software integration engineer at a pharmaceutical company. He is interested in a number of physical activities including going to the gym, bouldering, running and tennis.

infrastructure engineer

Alex Sumner

Server Data Capture Lead

Alex’s role at RealityMine is centred around our VPN-based Data Capture solution, working with our engineering team to build and architect new features, and ensuring that security, reliability, and panellist experience are all top-notch. He also handles support requests and provides technical guidance. He loves working at RealityMine because of the limitless opportunities to learn new skills, make a noticeable difference, and work closely with other people in a fun, relaxed environment, delivering unique products and solving interesting problems.

He is a man of many hobbies, ranging from photography and music production, all the way to amateur radio, target shooting, and playing high-speed Japanese rhythm games down at the local arcade!

Alex Sunnerstam

SVP Data Partnerships

Alex partners with our clients on finding the best ways to integrate passive metering and behavioural data within their products and research projects.

She has over 20 years’ experience in the industry including with market intelligence and data analysis business Datamonitor, panel companies Research Now and Toluna, and online community specialist Verve.

Have questions about how behavioural data can help your business? Email: alex.sunnerstam@realitymine.com

Amandas Zardeckas Data Analyst

Amandas Zardeckas

Data Integrity Engineer

Amandas’ role is to make sure all clients receive their data in a timely and efficient manner. More importantly, he investigates inconsistencies in—and is continuously querying—the data to ensure the data we provide to our clients is the highest quality.

Amandas particularly enjoys working for an award winning technology business where everyone works together for a better tomorrow. He holds a MSC in Data Science from the University of Salford.

technical support

Andrew Walton

Infrastructure Engineer

Andrew serves as our dedicated infrastructure engineer, ensuring that our IT infrastructure is sufficiently robust, scalable, and efficient to deliver unique insights to our clients.

project manager

Anthony Shaw

Head of Customer Success

Anthony works on both internal and external projects, ensuring that stakeholders get exactly what they need while guiding them throughout the process. He believes that RealityMine is a great place to work because of the fantastic, multi-skilled team and that it’s exciting working for a leading technology company.

Arran Ireland

Software Engineer

As a software engineer, Arran works on developing and maintaining our VPN data capture solution. He graduated from the University of St Andrews with a 1st class degree in Computer Science and has previously worked in a large cybersecurity company. He has played classical guitar for many years, enjoys running and is a lifelong learner.

Bayonle Ladipo

Infrastructure Engineer

As an infrastructure engineer, Bayonle is responsible for managing and maintaining RealityMine’s internal and customer-facing VPN infrastructure. He is fully committed to his personal development and always keen on developing new skill sets that can benefit himself as well as RealityMine. He is also a fairly decent basketball player!

junior test engineer

Ben Murphy

Test Team Tech Lead

As Test Team Technical Lead, Ben ensures that company apps and processes work as expected, whilst managing to rest of the team. He enjoys downhill mountain biking and walks with his Beagle (Oliver).

Billy Grant

Head of Product

As head of product, Billy’s role is to set the scope for new products that RealityMine delivers to clients, and to ensure that the products already in clients’ hands are continually improved.

Billy believes that the best thing about working at RealityMine is being part of a nimble technology business that’s the leader in its field and headquartered in one of the world’s greatest cities. In the last eight years, Billy has analysed, sold and developed products using digital behavioural data — not quite what he thought he’d be doing with a degree in English Literature.

apprentice engineer

Bruce To

Snr Data Engineer

Bruce works directly with the data engineering team, helping to develop new RealLife feeds and improve current ones. Bruce particularly enjoys working at RealityMine because of the many cool people who are all incredibly interested and very knowledgeable in their field of work.

Chris Havemann

Chief Executive Officer

Chris was co-founder of Research Now, the world’s leading online survey data collection business within the market research industry, where he served as CEO from 2000-2011. Following his tenure, he served as CEO of Rated People from 2012-2015.

Chris received his BSc with Joint Honours in Mathematics & Economics from the University of Surrey in 1990 and his MBA with distinction from London Business School in 1999. Chris was awarded the AIM Entrepreneur of the Year award by the London Stock Exchange in 2009.

director of operations

Chris Shaw

Chief Operations Officer/Acting Head of Data Services

Chris is ultimately responsible for leading all product development initiatives to delight clients and overseeing all project management operations for the company. He especially loves working for a company that develops Manchester-based talent and gets recognised across the world as the best in their field.

project manager

Craig Parker

Product Manager

Craig is responsible for assisting clients in the management of their projects while giving technical support for RealityMine’s bespoke software with the knowledge he has gained through three years of service at the company. While working at RealityMine, Craig has been given the opportunity to advance his knowledge in several key areas, specifically management courses, motivational learnings, scrum master training and project management courses with qualifications to follow.

web products technical lead

Damon Williams

Staff Engineer

Damon works across our engineering teams, and helps our customers integrate with our web-based systems. He really enjoys working with the latest tech, and solving some of RealityMine’s trickiest problems!

team member

Daniel Farrell

Strategic Partnerships Manager

As a Project Manager, Daniel is responsible for managing customer relationships whilst realising their needs and ensuring successful delivery of their projects. The thing he enjoys most about working at RealityMine is that he can work with technology and people at the forefront of defining one of the most interesting industries—all whilst it being a fun place to work!

One of Daniel’s biggest achievements is raising money for charities such as The Princes Trust and Dart through Tough Mudder and similar sponsored activities.

Dat Diep

Junior Data Scientist

Dat is a Junior Data Scientist part of RealityMine’s ‘Centre of Excellence in Data Science’. He graduated with a BSc in Physics, where he was first exposed to coding and data analysis. Outside of work, he trains MMA and currently has a white belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He also enjoys playing video games.

infrastructure systems architect

Dave Lewthwaite

Engineering Manager Infrastructure & Portal

Dave works directly with the CTO and the head of engineering to architect solutions to fit RealityMine’s own, as well as its clients’, needs and drive best practices with cloud services. Dave specifically enjoys working at RealityMine because of the people, and the fun and relaxed office environment. He joined RealityMine more than five years ago and was initially responsible for creating the VPN part of RealityMine’s product offering.

mobile developer

Dave Mountain

Engineering Manager Application & SDK

Dave plays a critical role in developing RealityMine’s mobile applications. He particularly enjoys being a part of a team of innovative and immensely sharp people, all striving to push the boundaries of what is possible.

database admin

David Clough

Database Admin

Dave plays a key role in keeping RealityMine’s databases, as well as their infrastructure and interfaces, safely running and available. What Dave particularly enjoys about working for RealityMine is being able to take on a true DBA role with the freedom to innovate and do things right.

David King

Project Manager

David thrives on his resilient and resourceful approach to work and enjoys the ongoing interactive engagements with relevant stakeholders in ensuring the successful delivery of clients’ projects. He was attracted to Reality Mine’s innovative, collaborative, and driven working culture and continues to be fascinated by the world-leading technology RealityMine pioneers.

Dean Robinson

Senior Data Products Engineer

Dean has 10 years’ experience in working with data, focussing originally on traditional aspects such as CRM systems, reporting and data warehousing. He appreciates that RealityMine utilises a wide range of interesting technologies and methodologies, working with fascinating data which makes a huge impact in the wider world. He also thinks that working with a smaller group of people keeps the place very friendly and especially enjoys that there’s table tennis set up to burn off calories gained from the constant influx of snacks!

Diana-Maria Stelea

Data Products Engineer

As data products engineer, Diana’s role at RealityMine is to transform, clean and analyse data and to help clients extract valuable insights. She hopes that the skills gained during her studies in computer science and business administration—combined with her enthusiasm, strong determination, and passion for data—will bring valuable insights to RealityMine and its clients. (We have no doubt they will, Diana!)

Diana graduated with a postgraduate degree in Data Science from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Dillon Massey

Software Developer

Dillon works primarily our iOS and macOS applications in addition to our Browser Extensions to further develop the codebase.

He believes that RealityMine is a great place to work because the staff are very friendly and welcoming. With an MComp degree in Computer Games Programming, Dillon also appreciates that RealityMine provides both opportunity to broaden his skillset and valuable experience in the software industry.

Dylan Pace

Data Products Engineer

Dylan Pace is part of the Data Product Engineering team. Dylan works on processing and analysing complex data streams in order to gain valuable insights for RealityMine’s clients. He graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a distinction class MSc in Advanced Computer Science. He is thrilled to be working with a forward-thinking company with so many great people.

head of engineering

Ewan Leith

Head of Engineering

Ewan leads RealityMine’s software engineering, operations and test teams, to deliver high quality software and services for its clients. He especially enjoys working with cutting-edge technology and great people — two things Ewan believes that RealityMine has plenty of!

business intelligence developer

Gillian Bendel

Data Products Manager

Gillian is responsible for leading the Data Products Team and for ensuring the delivery of new data feeds and products. With over 15 years experience in the data industry, she believes that the best things about RealityMine are working with new technologies and a fantastic group of people.

chief technology officer

Graham Dean

Chief Technology Officer

Graham’s role is to ensure that RealityMine’s technology strategy meets the business needs. Graham was the first engineer to join the company in 2012, and helped build some of the first apps and server code. He now leads the R&D efforts to ensure RealityMine remains the technology leader in the industry. Graham notes, “We have to work fast at RealityMine to keep pace with the ever changing mobile and technology landscape. But this helps keep skills sharp, gives variety to the work, and ultimately keeps things interesting and challenging.”

Hillel Zidel

Non-Executive Director

Hillel is Managing Director at Kennet Partners, a leading transatlantic technology focussed growth equity firm. Prior to Kennet Partners Hillel worked in technology private debt, management consulting and growth stage technology businesses.

In addition to his board role with RealityMine, Hillel is a board member of SaaS based bookkeeping automation vendor Receipt Bank, mobile video language learning platform ABA English, Accounts Receivable automation SaaS company Rimilia, marketing technology provider Adikteev, and online mass customisation provider Spreadshirt. Hillel was previously on the board of Rivo Software which was acquired by Sphera Solutions.

Hillel is a CFA Charterholder and holds a Masters Degree in Economics (cum laude) from the University of Johannesburg.

ux designer

Ian Shanahan

UX Designer

Ian designs and specifies the user interfaces of RealityMine’s software, making sure the front-end experience is guided by user requirements and best practices. He believes the best thing about RealityMine is the way the team pulls together to meet a wide variety of creative challenges.

James Hoyle

Web Developer

Jason Hadwen

Junior Data Scientist

Jason is a Junior Data Scientist part of RealityMine’s ‘Centre of Excellence in Data Science’. He studied Biomedical Engineering and he is currently enrolled in a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence MSc. Outside of the office he climbs mountains, listens to as much music as possible, and jumps out of planes on occasion.

Joel Ansbro

Data Engineer

Joel is part of the Data Engineering team in charge of maintaining and improving the pipeline that delivers the reports to customers. He enjoys working for RealityMine because he gets to work with cutting-edge technology alongside an intelligent and professional team. In his spare time, you can find him down at the gym or enjoying Manchester’s live music scene. He is also working towards a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

junior software engineer

John Woolley

Senior Data Engineer

John works with the data engineering team, maintaining and improving the pipeline that processes data from panellists’ devices and delivers it to RealityMine’s clients globally. John did a summer internship at RealityMine in 2014 and enjoyed it so much that, after completing his degree at Warwick University, he came back to work for the company full time.

Kassy Cole-Shoniran

Management Accountant

Kelly Chau

Project Manager

Kelly is from Hong Kong, and moved to Manchester last year 2021. She previously worked in the Smart Office Technologies and Telecommunication industry for six years as an Account Manager and Product Manager. Outside the office, you may see her dancing, jogging, hiking, and playing with dogs and cats on the streets.

lead client developer

Kevin Curtis

Mobile Developer

As Mobile Developer, Kevin plays a critical role in developing the applications that collect RealityMine’s passive data. With his 1st class BSc Hons in Computer Science and nearly 30 years of experience in software development, Kevin has devised software for applications ranging from nuclear submarines to taxi meters.

Lindsey Houghton

HR & Office Manager

Luke Biggins

Senior Vice President, Client Development

Luke’s role at RealityMine is to work with our existing global key accounts whilst also introducing new clients to RealityMine, to bring passive behavioural data to a wider audience. Luke previously worked at Research Now and Ipsos Connect, with experience encompassing online research, advertising effectiveness, location-based mobile research and syndicated industry currencies.

Have questions about how behavioural data can help your business? Email: luke.biggins@realitymine.com

Mark Owen

Product Manager

Mark is a Product Manager on our Media and Audio team here at RealityMine – ensuring our products best meet our clients’ and audience’s needs. He’s experienced in the world where tech meets creative, producing and managing teams to create engaging data-driven digital products and content for major UK broadcasters and brands.

Away from all that he runs a bit, plays old console games and watches a lot of football – both on the touchline of kids matches and in the Premier League…

Marta Nava

Sales & Marketing Executive

Marta’s  job is to ensure that people know about RealityMine and what we do. The idea is to get them excited about us! She has almost 9 years of combined sales and marketing experience in the market research industry.

Outside of work, you’ll find her spending time with her dog, spending time in nature, or training at the gym!

Mason Chee

Data Products Engineer

Mason’s role at RealityMine involves processing and analysing data streams in order to gain valuable insights for RealityMine’s clients.

Mason completed his undergrad in Mechanical Engineering, and currently he is studying his postgrad in Computer Science. He is also a break dancer, and enjoys playing guitar in his spare time.

Matthew Barker

Junior Data Products Engineer

Matthew graduated from the University of Manchester with a Masters Degree in Physics. He is an alumni member of the Uni’s Trampolining team and his favourite night is playing obscure board games with a bottle… glass of gin.

Matthew Taylor

Software Engineer

Matthew is a seasoned developer having worked in E-commerce, Healthcare and Travel, who is now working on solving problems with RealityMine’s Infrastructure team. Matt is interested in web and systems programming along with a keen interest in relational database systems and the relational model. Outside of work, he’s been known to grace dance floors as a dancer of Argentine Tango, likes the occasional cycle and supports the glorious MCFC.

apprentice software engineer

Maxwell Johnson

Infrastructure Engineer

A recent grad and once a lifeguard, Maxwell serves as one of our apprentice software engineers. His claim to fame is having met Bear Grylls, and his hobbies include snowboarding (whenever possible) and working on cars.

Natalja Pogrebova

Junior Software Developer

Natalja joined RealityMine as Tester and now is working as Junior Software Engineer mainly on Android projects. She believes that RealityMine is a great place to work because of the people.

Nicole Chung

Junior Software Engineer

Nicole grew up in Sabah, Malaysia (East Malaysia), and moved to Kuala Lumpur alone for part of her university education, completing her bachelors in the University of Nottingham in the UK with a degree in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence. She also has experience working as a full stack developer in Malaysia during her time in university.

She speaks five languages (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka and Malay) and really enjoys cooking and baking (particularly baking!) in her free time. She’s also trained in aikido, muay thai and fencing!

project manager

Richard Stewart

Release Manager

Richard works closely with RealityMine’s clients on a daily basis to ensure that their interests are represented internally and that their projects run smoothly. He especially enjoys interacting with different clients from around the world, and being based in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Russell McLean

Data Engineer

Russell works in the Data Engineering team, which processes data and generates reports for clients. He studied Electronic Engineering and worked at a particle accelerator lab but loved coding a little too much. In his spare time he likes to play tabletop games and tinker with his 3D printer.

Sam Brierley

Junior Data Tester

Sam is responsible for creating test data to support others in the development of new revenue generating data products. He went to the University of Liverpool to study Computer Science which led him to a career in software engineering and automation testing before joining the RealityMine team. He has three dogs, two cats and two geckos.

Sami Idreesi

Data Products Engineer

Sami’s role at RealityMine includes designing, developing and owning data feeds to enhance the value of the current client offering. He conducts detailed analysis of the data reported from thousands of mobile devices located across the globe to determine what is possible, what is feasible and input it into RealityMine’s product roadmap.

Sami is a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Liverpool, massive fan of football (specifically Manchester United), boxing and the UFC!

project manager

Sarah Davis

Head of Operational Excellence

Sarah works with all teams across RealityMine to enable the successful delivery of services—ensuring everyone is informed at all times of what is required and how the business is operating, with the overall goal to delight clients. Sarah particularly enjoys that RealityMine encourages a highly supportive workplace where everyone is approachable and open to discuss ideas or answer questions, no matter what level of the business they work in—and that the company provides a relaxed and friendly environment where everyone is working towards common goals.

chief financial officer

Shelagh Rogan

Chief Financial Officer

Shelagh works closely with the executive team to help define strategy, align resources, and execute on the company’s strategic vision. In her role as CFO, she is responsible for financial, legal and human resources. Shelagh has over 20 years’ experience as a CFO and has floated a tech company on the LSE, along with much M&A work and successful investment transactions. She especially enjoys working at RealityMine as her heart has always been in technology businesses!

Simon Wilkinson

Non-Executive Chairman

Simon was the former Chief Executive Officer of Myriad Group, one of the largest global independent providers of mobile handset software and services with offices in 15 countries and listed on the Zurich stock exchange, and joined the RealityMine board in 2015. Prior to this, he served as Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Magic4 Ltd, a mobile messaging software market leader where he was recognised as the Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the year 2002.Simon has an extensive track record of creating successful venture capital backed early stage technology businesses in both the UK and the US.

pipeline technical lead

Stephen De Gennaro

Data Engineering Manager

Temi Owoiya

Test Engineer

Temi’s role is to implement and enforce quality as early as possible and ensure any faults are detected and addressed ASAP. Temi believes that RealityMine is a great place to work because of the fantastic multi-skilled and friendly team.

Toby Lee

Data Products Engineer

Toby’s role at RealityMine is Data Products Engineer. His roles involve processing data into high quality products for clients. I have a background in sound engineering, and in my spare time I like to go climbing outside.

Tolulope Adeoye

Test Engineer

My role at RealityMine is to prepare and execute manual and automated tests, raise defects, perform analysis and write reports. I am enjoying Realitymine due to the friendly and innovative environment. All team supports and I have continued to improve on my skills.

I graduated from university of Sunderland with a distinction class MSc in project management. I enjoy cooking and do research a lot.

financial controller

Will Byers

Financial Controller

In addition to balancing the books, Will works with RealityMine’s senior management team to understand the commercial impact of business decisions and opportunities. He is also involved in helping to shape and implement the strategic direction of the business. Will believes that RealityMine is a great place to work because of the energetic and enthusiastic team that shares a passion for “geek culture” and making the company a success.