23 October 2019

RealityMine Introduces RealLife Social to its Product Offerings

RealityMine today announced the addition of RealLife Social to its product offerings. Following upgrades to the company’s RealityMeter metering technology, RealityMine can now capture data on the advertisements that have been served to opted-in users on some of today’s most popular social media platforms…
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28 August 2019

Vividata Partners with Global Leaders to Launch Canada’s First Consumer and Media Passive Panel

Pre-eminent consumer and audience insights company Vividata has joined forces with market research tech company RealityMine, market, audience and opinion research specialist Ipsos, and digital data collection expert Delvinia, to launch the first passive panel of its kind in Canada. The passive panel collects mobile behavioural data from Canadian consumers with their informed consent…
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31 July 2019

RealityMine Ramps Up Manchester Team with Five New Hires

RealityMine today announced five new hires within its Manchester team. Following a strong first half of the year, RealityMine is announcing the changes below that reflect a continuing goal to deliver best in class solutions for clients globally…
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25 July 2019

RealityMine Promotes Sarah Davis to New Role as Panellist Experience Programme Manager

RealityMine today announced Sarah Davis as Panellist Experience Programme Manager. A new role for the company, Davis will be responsible for designing and delivering RealityMine’s best practice panel experience strategy, which involves working with clients, project managers, and the internal technology team to adopt and adapt to achieve improved opt-in, activation and retention rates on research projects…
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18 July 2019

Hats off to our 2019 Manchester Metropolitan University graduates!

We work in a fast-moving industry, where developing and retaining talent is essential to success, so it’s important that we invest in intelligent young people who will grow and drive our business with new ideas further down the line. That’s why we partnered with Manchester Metropolitan University to support apprentices working specifically towards their four-year degree in the Digital & Technology Solutions Apprenticeship programme…
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18 June 2019

MFour and RealityMine Partner to Launch Connected Consumer Data™

MFour Mobile Research, the leader in Behavior Driven Research™, and RealityMine, the leader in unique insights into the mobile and digital lives of consumers, today announced their partnership to launch Connected Consumer Data™. The solution leverages MFour’s always on all-mobile consumer panel and RealityMine’s RealityMeter…
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16 May 2019

RealityMine Announces New RealLife Data Feeds

RealityMine today announced the rollout of new RealLife Data Feeds across its host of RealLife products. Measurement for Walmart’s US website and app, alongside more extensive global Amazon shopper data, is now available to clients as part of the rollout. In addition, app recognition has been enhanced through improved algorithmic and manual validation…
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8 January 2019

RealityMine Announces New Head of Product and Head of Customer Success

RealityMine today announced Billy Grant as Head of Product and Anthony Shaw as Head of Customer Success. Billy Grant, Head of Product, joined RealityMine in 2018 and has more than eight years of experience analysing, selling and developing products using digital behavioural data. He previously served as Custom Research Director at Hitwise…
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