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Start collecting real life consumer behaviour data once you’ve installed the RealityMeter technology onto your panel or your supplier’s panel. Access raw data or choose from one of the following RealLife data products:

RealLife Data Products

RealLife Apps

The RealLife Apps report reveals the applications that panellists have installed on their device, when they are used and for how long.
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RealLife Media Players

The RealLife Media Players report supplies clients with a consolidated feed that provides a granular view of streamed media consumption (audio and video) across major platforms and on any device.
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RealLife Shopper

RealLife Shopper delivers deep, granular ecommerce data to enable brands, retailers and their agencies to derive insights into customers’ product browsing and purchasing behaviour within retailers’ websites and apps, based on actual user behaviour.
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RealLife Social

The RealLife Social feed delivers a consolidated view of the advertisements that panellists have been exposed to and provides clients with a standardised view of captured data across platforms.
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RealLife Websites

RealLife Websites is a daily report that provides a comprehensive view of panellists’ online browsing behaviour across mobile and desktop devices.
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