Get a consolidated view of the ads that panellists are exposed to on social media

RealLife Social provides unparalleled visibility into the advertisements and sponsored content that users are exposed to within today’s most popular social media platforms.

Gain insight into advertisements served

RealityMine captures data on the advertisements that have been served to users across today’s most popular social media platforms. As a result, you gain data including name of the advertiser, their domain, time on screen that the advertisement was viewed, copy within the ad, and text associated with call to action messaging.

Use cases for RealLife Social include:

  • Develop a deep understanding of the ads that panellists are exposed to.
  • Build more advanced advertising intelligence products.
  • Provide clients with a comprehensive view of the competitive advertising landscape within walled-garden platforms.
  • Understand the impact of social media advertising on brand recall, brand preference, and behavioural changes following exposure.
  • Close a significant gap in the understanding of the influences that panellists are exposed to in their digital lives.

Access deeper insights with other RealLife products

When used in combination with our other RealLife data products, you gain a comprehensive view of the impact of exposure:

  • Measure the impact on browsing and search behaviour with RealLife Websites.
  • Understand changing app usage habits with RealLife Apps.
  • Determine whether purchase intent is positively impacted leveraging RealLife Shopper.
  • Understand how SVOD players are leveraging social media to drive viewing behaviour within their own platforms.
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