Uncover browsing and shopping activity within retailer websites and apps

RealLife Shopper opens up the walled-gardens that retailers’ online properties have traditionally been viewed as.
The RealLife Shopper report unlocks previously inaccessible metrics within retailer properties such as product page views,
internal search queries, add to basket/cart, and purchase confirmation events.

Gain a new perspective

As opposed to relying on recall, researchers are now able to gain a new perspective on the journeys that users take within retailers’ websites and apps to understand behaviour at a level previously impossible to achieve.

Use cases for RealLife Shopper include:

  • Optimise brand performance across online channels.
  • Leverage accurate ecommerce browsing and purchasing data to support purchase panels, competitive intelligence and category insights.
  • Contextualise purchase activity amongst wider internet usage.
  • Determine consumer journey pathways and purchase triggers.
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