Case Study

Project Sleep: Targeting Tired Adults to Increase Web Traffic [Case Study]

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Research shows that two-thirds of Canadians are tired all the time due to lack of sleep. The Dairy Farmers of Canada can play a role in helping Canadians get a better sleep.

Client Objective

The Dairy Farmers of Canada wanted to remind consumers that, among the many health benefits, milk can aid in providing a good night’s sleep. Initiative was tasked with reaching consumers who are tired and suffering from insomnia, during the times and in the environments when they feel most tired. We engaged the target by disrupting their routine and driving them to the website,, where they could find useful and shareable content from the Dairy Farmers of Canada.


By using insights from the TouchPoints study, Initiative was able to identify the exact day and time when DFC’s target audience was the most tired throughout the week.

    Note: Tiredness peaks at 9.30 pm on Wednesdays.

We were also able to determine what media is being consumed at that time. The study showed that consumers are turning to TV when they are tired more than any other media channel.

    Note: During peak tiredness, television and digital dominate.


Although the TV campaign is still in market, to date it has reached 73% of Canadians at a time when they are receptive to hearing the message. The campaign has led to 150,000 searches and has generated close to 65,000 unique visitors to the Project Sleep website.