[Webinar] The Power of Real-time Behavioral Data in the Video-on-Demand Era

By April 13, 2019 No Comments

With the number of subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) users worldwide at an estimated 283 million and the expectations of it continuing to skyrocket, ProdegeMR and RealityMine wanted to learn a little more about what drives consumers to watch videos on their mobile devices.

Through RealityMine’s RealityMeter technology and ProdegeMR’s robust global panel, we were able to passively monitor respondents and learn about consumers’ media habits in real time. This information, coupled with enriched user data, provides tangible information which any media provider would find valuable.

Watch our 30-minute webinar hosted by RealityMine CEO Chris Havemann and Adam Portner, Vice President of Client Solutions at ProdegeMR to discover how access to this behavioral data can help researchers understand content popularity, type of device used, and time spent engaged with the content—as well as identify differences across audiences and markets. Stakeholders can access this data in real-time and quickly make decisions with regard to creative, media spend and promotional efforts.

Specifically, we dive into:

  • with whom and what type of content people are watching on their phones;
  • why people watch content on their phones;
  • what type of devices are used to stream content;
  • shopping habits of those who watch (specifically) Netflix content on their phones; and
  • the impact of holidays on video-on-demand phone behavior.


Chris Havemann
Chief Executive Officer,

Adam Portner
Vice President of Client Solutions,

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