[Webinar] How to do Path to Purchase Research: Sorting the Facts from Fiction

By June 1, 2020 No Comments

Everyone is spending more time online—whether for accessing the latest news, connecting with family and friends, or shopping for groceries and other essentials. And despite increases in TV viewership, advertisers are pausing and even canceling campaigns. So, how can we provide brands and marketers with the data they require to make informed decisions? Adding digital behavioral data to the research mix is now more critical than ever.

To provide a foundation for the analysis of ‘what’ shoppers are actually doing online, Nepa have partnered with RealityMine as its technology partner to further enable Nepa’s digital behavioral data solutions.

Watch our 30-minute webinar hosted by Lindsay Parry, Managing Director of Nepa, Kit Sandford, Head of Analytics at Nepa, and RealityMine CEO Chris Havemann. During this session, we explore how—by combining behavioral data collected through RealityMine’s passive metering technology and Nepa’s methodology and analytics to blend usage and attitudinal data—Nepa is able to provide a unique path to purchase offering that unites consumer survey, diary, behavioral, and attitudinal data.

Specifically, we dive into:

  • how to optimize conversion across the entire path to purchase—and how to gain insight into what drives conversion behavior across the various channels and touchpoints;
  • how to understand the new online consumer: who they are and what they want, need, feel, think and do;
  • how Nepa uses advanced analytics to glean new insight into ‘why’ shoppers behave the way they do; and
  • how this partnership can help brands and marketers understand where to play and how to win.

Lindsay Parry
Managing Director, Nepa

Kit Sandford
Head of Analytics, Nepa

Chris Havemann
Chief Executive Officer, RealityMine