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RealityMine Announces Addition of RealLife Media Players

By February 1, 2018 No Comments

New Product Uncovers Detailed Behavioural Insights Across Media Platforms on Video Consumption

RealityMine today announced the addition of RealLife Media Players to its core product offerings, allowing customers to see more granular, detailed video consumption behaviour on an individual basis, on any sample, on any device, whatever the platform.

According to recent stats, YouTube has over a billion users. 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube each week. RealLife Media Players uncovers data such as:

  • Which YouTube videos are being watched, and on which YouTube channels?
  • How much time do users spend watching streaming video content? What time of day? How often?
  • Are they watching or skipping ads? Which ones are they watching, and for how long?
  • What are their favourite programmes on streaming media services?

Chris Shaw, Director of Operations at RealityMine, commented: “Over 87% of marketeers use video content and, until now, it’s been a research blind spot. We are excited about these most recent product releases and remain committed to developing innovative features that delight our clients by providing high quality, research-ready passive metering data.”

About RealityMine
RealityMine enables many of the world’s largest market research and media organisations to monitor real consumers on multiple devices, across all major platforms, revealing unique insights from real life consumer behaviour. The firm’s RealityMeter can be deployed across Android, iOS and desktop platforms, and is deployed by leading panel owners and research clients across five continents. RealityMine is headquartered in Manchester, England.