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RealityMine and Amplify MR Announce Partnership

By January 30, 2023 No Comments

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom – 30 January 2023 – RealityMine and Amplify MR officially announce a partnership to offer global private community and panel access for innovative research solutions.  

The partnership follows the successful delivery of several large-scale private communities using new research techniques and solutions in the past three years.  Together the companies have pushed the boundaries of traditional research methodologies and elevated panellists’ contribution and engagement using both passive metering and other complementary research technologies.  

Amplify MR offers purpose-built and exclusive research solutions for global blue-chip clients with highly tailored research specifications that often require recruitment of closed panel communities or innovative use of different sample sources. Key solutions offered are behaviour tracking, audience profiling and data enrichment. Clients include large corporations with complex and specific sampling requirements to build short and large-scale communities to serve exclusive research objectives and sandbox development.  

RealityMine offers best-in-class digital behaviour data collection technology to complement Amplify MR customised research offering. In addition to web, app and media data, RealityMine’s metering data portfolio includes survey targeting based on digital behaviour and embedded browser feed data.  

Announcing the partnership, Arno Hummerston, MD of Amplify MR said: 

“Traditional research methodologies using access panels do not always work for large corporations operating in highly competitive environments. Strategic business decisions often require tailored collection and delivery of specific data sets. Amplify MR delivers on this and, together with RealityMine, we can combine single source digital data with other data sources – from CRM enrichment to the deployment of huge survey databases for insight mining. Our strength is in delivery complex research solutions that bring together multiple best in class technologies, people and innovative thinking – RealityMine is the perfect partner for that.”  

Chris Havemann, CEO of RealityMine said: 

“We are delighted that this partnership is now official. Amplify MR have repeatedly impressed us with innovative and exciting use cases for RealityMine’s digital data. In addition, they have done this at a scale many would find impossible, whilst consistently delivering successful outcomes for large blue-chip clients. We look forward to deepening our partnership with Amplify MR and continuing to progress the unique capability that we can offer to corporate clients.”