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RealityMine at ANA Masters of Measurement Conference

By September 7, 2015 No Comments

RealityMine will be attending the ANA Masters of Measurement Conference in Miami Beach from the 16th to 18th September.

On Thursday, CEO and Managing Director of the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), Jane Clarke, will be providing an update about the initiatives being developed to create solutions to the key challenge of cross-platform measurement.

Jane will discuss the progress being made on the project currently underway with RealityMine and TiVo Research, which will measure youths’ total cross-media usage. This is the first research and development initiative to measure and attribute whole family TV usage combined with Over The Top, Video on Demand viewing, and internet and mobile content consumption in and out of the home.

The initiative, which includes TiVo Research TV viewership data, will use a router meter for a whole home view of internet content consumption combined with state of the art passive metering, audio fingerprinting content recognition, and advanced behavioral analytics.

For more information about the study, read our recent press release.