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Purchase Decision Influencers

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Purchasing decisions cycle by CategoriesSignificance of Emotions and Opinions in Purchasing Decisions

The decision to purchase a product or service is a personal and emotional one, the level of emotional engagement not only depends on the value of the category but also the nature of category – particularly those that have a higher perceived enjoyment value.

Categories such as Fast Foods, Event attractions and Movies are primarily thought about and purchased on the same day. Unsurprisingly Banking and Finance draw out negative emotions when consumers are thinking about purchasing decisions. Automotive and Consumer Electronics are linked to passion as these categories tend to fulfil desires rather than needs. Health/Beauty and Home/Garden provide consumers with a feel good factor whereas feelings of sadness and stress is associated with Travel planning.

What does this imply?

Knowing the likely day and emotional state consumers are in will help advertisers think about the tone of their campaign communication. For example, with consumers having anger and also relief when thinking about making a purchase in Finance / Banking category, the message to communicate across should provide solutions to tap into those emotions.

Word of Mouth – is it relevant?

Feedback certainly cannot be underestimated for certain categories such a Travel and Automotive, where consumers appreciate advice from others for these big ticket items. On the other hand, Events/Attractions and Movies cost considerably less but opinions are also highly sought after as these categories involve participation and time, so consumers want to ensure that not only money is well spent but their time as well.