Lunch at Work: What are Americans Consuming?

By November 7, 2014 No Comments

EWhat's for Lunch?ver wonder how the rest of the American work force are spending their lunch hour? Spoilt for choice, where do the traditional lunch hour past time such as Magazines and Newspaper now stand?

The TouchPoints eDiary data has been able to map out Americans’ lunch break media choice on working days. The data suggests that most Americans eat lunch at their work place, therefore it may be unsurprising that Computers are the most consumed media during lunch hour. This may also indicate that lunch isn’t necessarily a time for them to have a mental break from work. With most content being available online. Print is now only consumed by less than 4% of respondents.

Mobile is the next popular screen choice while some fortunate ones even get to watch TV at work, especially amongst those whose main location of work is at home.

There are also noticeable gender differences in lunch break media choices. Women prefer using Mobiles and Radio more so than Men at lunch, and Print don’t seem to appeal to Men as much.

Looking at screen choice by household income, the higher income labour force are more attached to their computers and TV compared to the lower income counterpart.

The RealityMine Passive Mobile Behaviour Tracking data showed mobile app usage differences by age group where Social Network apps are more important to Millennials, while Utilities type apps (i.e. Camera, Calendar, Calculator etc) ranked higher for Gen X.