Case Study

Longitudinal Passive Mobile Study

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The client, who has been a pioneering and leading market research company in Japan since 1960, creates globally unique and innovative business models that combine marketing “know how” with IT solutions.

Client Objective

To create a longitudinal passive mobile study.

The client collects various kinds of data from consumers to reveal the relationship between ‘information exposure’ and ‘consumer behaviour,’ and the effects and roles of individual media and advertising.

The company turned to RealityMine as it needed to analyse a wide number of mobile devices for more than a year, collecting as much data on a continuous panel as possible, while ensuring minimal impact on battery life.


AnalyzeMe, which is RealityMine’s mobile passive metering application, was installed on panel members’ devices to provide rich insights into their behaviour, including: what they were doing; what apps they were using; which websites they were visiting; and how they communicated.

The application was configured in a battery-efficient manner, with location disabled and upload period frequency reduced. It was also branded to ensure that panel members had affinity with the solution.


Utilisation of RealityMine’s AnalyzeMe tool enabled the client to successfully meet its objective and, due to the very low impact on panel members’ battery life, a continuous panel with a retention rate way higher than average was achieved. In fact, 70% of panelists who were active before February 2013 are still active now.