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Join us at the ASC One Day Conference!

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Attending the ASC One Day Conference in London this month? Don’t miss our session with Walnut Unlimited!

Eye Tracking+: Measuring & optimising Formula 1 fans’ immersive experience

Thursday 14th November, 2019 | Ort House, 126 Albert Street, London NW1 7NE

By Ian Ralph, Director at Walnut Unlimited | Luke Biggins, SVP of Client Development at RealityMine

Live TV is facing a challenge. With around 50% of households having access to at least one SVOD service, coupled with free online content providers like YouTube, the need to make live TV as engaging as possible has never been greater.

While the shared experience of TV is valued, it is not currently delivered by SVOD services, and therefore provides a point of differentiation. Apps designed for use during programming are one way to leverage this differentiation by immersing viewers and connecting them to the live experience.

Formula 1 offer a variety of official digital channels for fans to engage with the sport beyond the televised race. But to what extent do these enhance fans’ experience, and what other digital channels, brands and content fill the needs-gaps between the actual televised?

This is the topic of our research. Going beyond traditional research methods, we use a combination of in-home eye-tracking technology alongside depth interviews to understand the true user experience during the race, as well as passive metering to measure true digital consumption over a full race week.

Showcasing recordings through the eyes of fans and quantitative analysis of digital consumption, we present the dynamic relationship between digital devices and television and what this means for brands.