Uncover detailed behavioural insights on streamed audio content 

RealLife Audio captures and reports on the streamed audio content that opted-in panellists have listened to across a range of music, radio, podcast, and audiobook streaming services.

Get behind the numbers

According to recent stats, streamed music in the US accounted for 85% of music industry revenue in 2020, podcast advertising spend is on track to surpass the $1bn mark in 2021, and audiobook sales are on track to achieve a compound annual growth rate of over 20% in the coming years. It is clear that the measurement of audio services is rapidly becoming an essential pillar in measurement and insight strategies.

RealLife Audio helps you:

  • Measure user activity and engagement with audio content across the sector
  • Understand which podcast series or artists are most successful across your demographics  
  • Unlock longitudinal behavioural insights on how audio media is consumed in conjunction with our other RealLife data products
  • Calculate market share of audio platforms across the sector 

Uncover critical behavioural insights today!

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