Are you looking at media audiences with one eye closed?

An audience is made up of individuals — real people with real attitudes and real purchasing power. Advertisers want to form a relationship with individuals — not machines.

Learn more about these individuals, as well as what part you play in their digital day, their purchasing habits and their lifestyles through our RealityMeter technology. RealityMeter’s superior data collection capabilities have led to us being chosen as the passive metering partner for many media measurement projects, including the IPA TouchPoints study and other industry level studies.

Audience Research

What does your actual, deduplicated media audience look like? What is the crossover by device and platform? Where does the greatest value lie in your customer base? Unlock the potential of your mobile audience and maximise the value of your inventory.

Multi-Platform Analysis

How do key consumer segments differ in their approach to your brand? Gain insight into how you can better optimise communication with your different customer segments.

Media Planning

Which apps are the “hottest” among consumers? How can audiences be segmented by activity? Where are the duplications and the economies? Integrate passive data into your media planning and programmatic buying to learn more.

Advertising Effectiveness

RealityMeter includes an Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) tool which uses a phone’s microphone to identify the individual’s exposure to online and offline broadcast advertising, ultimately enabling you to identify whether an ad affects their digital behaviour and purchasing patterns.

Video Consumption

Sure, your branded content has been seen thousands of times, but do you know by who and how they perceived it? By including RealityMeter in your research efforts, you’ll better understand who saw your message, what they thought of it, and even if it changed their attitudes and behaviour.

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