Are you still relying on 20th Century methodologies to understand 21st Century consumers?

Data based on recall of online activity has proven to be vastly inaccurate in multiple studies. Consumers underestimate how much time they linger on social media. They think they use the coolest apps, but do not. And they cannot remember if they actually researched a product on their phones before they purchased it.

RealityMine’s technology has been utilised by major global market research organisations since 2012 to prevent clients from making business decisions based on inaccurate data. You may have already used RealityMine data in an industry study in Europe, the United States or APAC without knowing it, as our mobile data is valued at an industry level globally.

Researchers require a complete, 360 degree view of what activities consumers are performing across all major platforms. Not simply what people do on Android phones, for example, or certain desktop browsers.

How do researchers access this irrefutable data on digital device usage?

RealityMine works with you to format data and enables you to extract the insights your clients demand. Our passive data works when combined with other data sets: survey data, panel data, CRM and attitudinal data. To date, we have tracked more than two million devices using our powerful suite of data collection, panel management and analytical tools.

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Digital Behaviour

RealityMine’s primary focus is on observed digital behaviour. What websites and apps do people use on their phones, tablets and PCs? What do they search for, and how?

Path to Purchase

How do people use different devices to discover, research and complete a purchase? What websites and price comparison apps do they use, and when? What are the search terms used?

Video Usage

What are consumers watching on video on demand sites, such as YouTube? Are they actually watching the ads or are they skipping forward? What content are they watching on, for example, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, or Netflix?

Linking Online and Offline

Do consumers visit stores, but purchase elsewhere? RealityMine’s geolocation tools enable you to survey people visiting offline retail outlets, and then analyse the route they take to get their as well as their next steps.

Category Level Analysis

What is a consumer’s competitive set? How does their audience compare with their competitors? Where are the opportunities – and the threats – for their businesses.

Competitive Intelligence

Need to know why people are visiting competitors’ websites? Use our event-based triggers to send a survey to respondents when they visit certain sites to understand the why behind the who, what and how many.

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