Our experience in your industry makes all the difference between simply knowing and truly understanding your needs.

Market Researchers

RealityMine partners with market research agencies globally on a wide range of customised projects including understanding the consumer’s journey, the role digital plays in the path to purchase, audience measurement, and streaming media insights.

Media Researchers

RealityMeter’s superior data collection capabilities have led to us being chosen as the passive metering partner for many audience measurement projects, including the IPA TouchPoints study and other industry level studies. Unlock the potential of your mobile audience and understand how advertising impacts today’s digital consumer.

Panel Owners

RealityMeter can be deployed at scale across all or part of your panel, to help you monetise your investment and give you a point of differentiation from competitors. Contact us now and ask about our SDKs and integration options.

Why choose us?

Gain a competitive edge with the most comprehensive data collection.

Take advantage of the simplest way to include passive data in your research projects.

  • Available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Full details on web, app and search usage
  • In-app survey tools that can be triggered by the panellist’s location or by visiting a website
  • In-app ACR capabilities
  • Granular data capture of VoD usage (e.g. YouTube)
  • Research-ready data, cleaned and sessionised
  • Multi-country, multi-language and multi-law ready
  • Established operation processes with optimised panellist experience
  • Hands-on project managers to guide you through operational processes
  • Range of data delivery and dashboard options