Do you want to increase your revenue per panellist?

RealityMeter can be deployed at scale across all or part of your panel to help you monetise your investment and give you a point of differentiation from competitors.

RealityMine provides an SDK (software development kit) that can be deployed with your existing survey app, or we can rebrand our standard AnalyseMe app as a white label solution for a seamless panellist experience, allowing you to leverage your existing relationship with panellists and maintain consistent brand communication.

The Fastest Way to Upgrade Your Panel

We’ve spent five years optimising our onboarding processes –improving the user experience and reducing any churn or attrition arising from installing RealityMeter — because we understand that economics need to add up. We do this via our team that has many years of experience running some of the largest panels in the world.

Future Proof

ESOMAR figures have been reporting year-on-year reductions in the reliance on survey based market research for many years now, as companies increasingly look to utilise big data and other information sources for decision support. Work with RealityMine to take advantage of existing app investment and create an integrated survey/passive solution to future proof your business for years to come.

Make More Money Per Panellist

Increase your revenue per panellist without over-surveying them. The power of passive metering lies not just in the observed data, but also when it is combined with panel profiling and other survey data to produce deep insights for your clients without over-long and attritional surveys.

Point of Differentiation

Every panel has it strengths and weaknesses. In a world where respondent samples are becoming ever more commoditised, having the ability to passively meter some or all of your panel is a real point of differentiation against vendors that are later adopters of new technology.

Customise Your Meter

What are your customers asking you for? Do they want to know everything that happens on different peoples’ mobiles, to the most minute degree? Or do they want to know the essential facts about the websites and apps used for the cheapest possible price?  Both are possible because we can configure RealityMeter to best fit your business needs.

Upgrade Your Targeting Capabilities

Would you like to sell your sample based on who had really visited or shopped on certain websites, categories of websites or were users of particular apps? By having the ability to select sample based on real data on real activity from RealityMeter, your panel will become even more attractive to your customer base.

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