Who do we do this for?

Market Research

We help research companies all over the world manage their panel, collect the data, and analyse the results to create meaningful insights.

We do this by using our powerful suite of tools, collectors, and data processing.

Panel Companies

Who do we do this for?

Panel Companies

By using our tools we can help a panel company maximise the revenue they can generate from their panel.

“We drive down the churn, while driving up the revenue”


Who do we do this for?

Brand Marketers

The insights which can be gained through our tools really help a brand not only understand what people think of their brand, but how that brand is positioned, how end users really interact with other brands.

Market research tools and technology to help understand consumer behaviour


America’s consumers: Does mood alter with media consumption?

Mobile phones are so embedded in everyday life that we often don’t consider the effect they have on our mood, or how the way we use them varies depending on how we are feeling.


Case Studies

Far East Research Company

To analyse a wide number of users mobile devices for an extended period of time.


White Papers

How can you measure emotional response through mobile?

Get our Mobile & Emotional Analytics whitepaper and learn about how you can apply the next frontier of passive measurement to your business.