What does the typical March Madness viewer’s day look like?

By June 9, 2014 No Comments

WK5 March Madness Insight (9)

RealityMine has conducted further analysis of the behavior of March Madness viewers. This insight examines a day in the life of a typical March Madness viewer, looking at second screen device and the emotions of viewers over the course of a tournament day. These insights have been drawn from USA TouchPoints e-survey data, captured on a half hourly basis via panelist mobile devices.

We found that at 5am, March Madness viewers were accessing their settings via mobile phones and feeling exhausted – it’s likely that given the time, people were switching off or editing their alarms. At 11am, the computer was the most popular device and was used to access emails. At this time, a large proportion of viewers were feeling excited – perhaps at the prospect of tuning into the tournament later that day. Gaming apps via mobile phone devices were popular with March Madness viewers at 5pm, this was the time of day when the most people felt hungry. This would be a great way for retailers to apply targeted mobile advertising to consumers before dinner.

We have also conducted analysis on passively collected data during the tournament. The second half of the infographic visualizes popular apps with March Madness viewers split into categories. The most prominent difference in the app use of March Madness viewers and non-viewers was seen in the News, Magazine and Sport category – sport apps were more popular than any news or magazine apps in March Madness viewers and sport app use was comparatively low for non-viewers of March Madness.

*Analysis based on e-survey and passive data collected via USA TouchPoints. Data was collected from 478 panellists from around the U.S.A, between March 18th and 24th.