Case Study

Using TouchPoints to Increase Advertising Revenue

By March 14, 2016 No Comments

Client Objective

The News of the World, a nationally read top newspaper published in the UK, wanted to increase advertising revenue within their Sunday publication, and was particularly keen to target one of their key client industries — retail.

Previously, retail clients had focussed their efforts towards advertising from Thursdays to Saturdays in national newspapers as a build to peak shopping times on Saturday. However, the News of the World wanted to demonstrate that Sunday was a key day in which they could effectively and efficiently advertise to shoppers, and paired with Ikea to prove the usefulness of advertising in Sunday print.

Our Solution

Our client wanted to use TouchPoints to prove that Sunday is in fact a major shopping day, contrary to the popular belief of retailers at the time.

TouchPoints is able to look very closely at the lifestyle and activities of the target audience. Panellists are asked to fill in an eDiary every 30 minutes, which captures details on media consumption, activity, emotions, social setting and location. eDiaries are completed over 10 days, allowing a broad and detailed insight into consumer behaviour, and providing TouchPoints’ clients with a deep understanding of their audience to improve ROI on advertising spend.


TouchPoints data highlighted a common pattern of reading the newspaper on a Sunday morning, often followed two hours later by shopping – demonstrating that vital advertising opportunities to advertise on a Sunday were currently being overlooked by retailers.

Client outcome

Using our data to back up their theory on Sunday shopping, the News of the World was able to demonstrate to key retailers, such as Ikea, that Sunday is a vital day for shopping outside the trusted Thursday – Saturday bracket. As a result the News of the World was able to increase their ad revenue from Sunday publications.