Case Study

Understanding How Mobile Habits Are Set to Change

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Client Objective

ICM was seeking the best in class mobile measurement solution to help a major network operator understand how mobile habits are set to change in the UK as consumers move to 4G, as well as how to help the network operator best position its new 4G services.


RealityMine was selected from a competitive group of providers as we had the most robust solution. We provided a true multi-platform solution covering the full range of devices including Windows Phone & Mobile and Symbian.

We introduced new speed metering functions to help the network operator better understand how variances in network speed versus WiFi speed drive mobile use behaviour.

Above Image: The size of each rectangle is representative of the average app session duration for each category. The colour of each rectangle represents the percentage of panellists who used an app in that category, the darker the colour, the higher the percentage of users.


Following completion and the success of the project’s first phase, we discussed with ICM how things may advance both with the network operator and with ICM.