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TouchPoints Canada 2016.1 Study Shows Overall Reach of Digital Video on the Rise

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RealityMine, the global leader in single-source, cross-media measurement of consumers’ daily lives, today announced the release of TouchPoints Canada 2016.1.

The multimedia, cross platform consumer study consists of a seven-day electronic diary (eDiary) in which respondents record activities and media consumption in half-hour time segments, as well as complete a daily summary and consumer profile survey. As a result, agencies and media owners gain access to rich, single-sourced behavioural data that addresses:

  • when media is consumed;
  • where media is consumed;
  • how media is consumed;
  • what people are doing when consuming media;
  • who people are with when consuming media; and
  • how people feel when consuming media.

This year’s release provides nearly 89 million behavioural data points that describe how Canadians aged 16 and older from across the country consume media in the context of their everyday lives.

Some of the key findings revealed in the TouchPoints Canada 2016.1 release include:

  • The overall reach of digital video is on the rise, with 81% of Canadians (and specifically 82% for French Quebec) accessing digital video from any device on a weekly basis. Additionally, streaming TV programs is at a 24% weekly reach among Canadians. Meanwhile, streaming movies has gone mainstream with over half of Canadians (55%) now streaming long-form video content at least once a week.
  • 55% of Canadians access print/digital newspapers on a weekly basis from a device – be it smartphone, tablet, phablet, PC or e-reader. When it comes to reading a newspaper specifically via mobile devices, weekly readership among Canadians is up to 17%.
  • In French Quebec, 60% of adults 16+ are accessing digital or print newspapers on a weekly basis; 28% daily, further underlining how people take full advantage of having access to media anywhere, anytime.
  • The reported volume of time spent listening to the radio via various devices – including tablets, PCs and smartphones – has increased dramatically from TouchPoints Canada 2015. Additionally, 72% of people in French Quebec listen to radio weekly.

“This data is imperative in a world where people consume media in so many different ways,” said Joanne Van der Burgt, executive vice president, media at RealityMine. “Especially given that marketing campaigns need to work coherently across multiple media types to achieve the greatest impact and ROI.”

Additional key findings include:

  • Time spent exposed to Out-of-Home (OOH) has increased by 6% from TouchPoints Canada 2015.
  • French Quebec’s love of social media has also strengthened with a weekly cumulative audience of 75%.
  • Shopping on a mobile device is up sharply with reported volume of time spent up 209%.

About RealityMine

RealityMine is the global leader in single-source, cross-media measurement of consumers’ daily lives. Using its patented passive metering technologies coupled with its syndicated TouchPoints™ offering, the company provides some of the world’s largest media agencies, media owners and market research organizations with an enriched understanding of consumers’ feelings and behaviour across all media types. RealityMine is headquartered in Manchester, England with international offices in Toronto, New York and Sydney, and serves clients globally.

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About TouchPoints

TouchPoints is an industry leading, multimedia consumer study that provides insight into how people consume all media throughout their day and week across multiple platforms. It is the only syndicated consumer insights and cross-platform research product for media agencies and media owners designed to inform integrated communications strategy, planning and execution.