The World Cup Final: How did the US Viewers feel?

By July 18, 2014 No Comments

ARG VS GER RealityMine’s week of World Cup match insights is drawing to a close and what better game to analyse than the final between Argentina and Germany?

This week RealityMine has looked back at the World Cup through both passively collected and USA TouchPoints e-diary data and found that the emotions of  American viewers reflected the  gripping victories, cataclysmic defeats and unexpected turns of events that have marked the World Cup 2014.

We revealed the high levels of excitement experienced by viewers of USA vs Germany and the feelings of sadness that accompanied the USA’s defeat during the USA vs Belgium game. USA TouchPoints e-survey data has further revealed that boredom among American final viewers was significantly higher than reported levels of the emotion among viewers of the US games. This finding indicates that perhaps as a nation, the USA lost interest in the tournament following their defeat. Despite the worldwide significance of the World Cup our data has revealed that we are still ‘in it to win it’.

Click on the infographic to find more about the behavior of Americans viewing the final, how they used second screen devices and who they viewed the match with.