Showrooming: Trends in Mobile Use In-store [Infographic]

By January 20, 2016 No Comments

Mobile use in-store, also known as showrooming, has increased dramatically as online shopping continues to grow and mobile devices have become ubiquitous. Shoppers are keen on using smartphones to compare prices and products online while shopping in-store. According to RealityMine’s data, 42% of shoppers use a mobile device in-store.

Some retailers consider showrooming a threat, but in fact it presents many opportunities. By integrating web technologies into their marketing and merchandising, bricks and mortar stores can take advantage of this trend and provide a better shopping experience for their customers.

Knowing who the showroomers are and how they use their mobile when shopping can help retailers to make the most out of showrooming. RealityMine has investigated the phenomenon and reveals the demographics and trends in mobile use in-store.

These numbers are based on passive mobile data of 3,849 panelists and eDiary data of 2,996 panelists in the USA.

in store app usage infographic