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Latest TouchPoints USA Release Reveals 54% of Adults Engage in e-Commerce Activities Weekly

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RealityMine, the global leader in single-source, cross-media measurement of consumers’ daily lives, today announced the release of TouchPoints USA 2016.1.

TouchPoints provides agencies, advertisers and media owners with in-depth, single-source attitudinal and behavioral consumer lifestyle insights, helping to drive effective and efficient campaign optimization. The data collected via RealityMine’s TouchPoints surveys is available to customers via Metis and other third party platforms such as Nielsen IMS, Telmar and MRI Reporter.

TouchPoints USA 2016.1 surveyed adults aged 18-64, and is comprised of several new categories not included in previous TouchPoints USA releases.

Findings from the new categories include:

  • More than half (54%) of adults report engaging in e-commerce activities during the week, while 19% of consumers report making an online purchase daily.
  • Smart Wearables are approaching 13% adoption among the American population. Reported usage among this group includes exercise (48%), listening to music (20%), accessing apps (13%), and watching video (6%).

Additional key findings include:

  • Exactly half (50%) of all adults surveyed report shopping via Amazon at least once a week, while nearly one-quarter (23%) of millennials visit the site daily.
  • 16% of adults report sending and receiving payments via PayPal each week, while 18% of millennials report using PayPal weekly.

When compared to the previous 2015.1 release, TouchPoints data finds that:

  • TV viewing has increased slightly at 88% weekly reach with the average person reporting spending 17.8 hours a week watching live TV on television.
  • Additionally, streaming TV and video content is on the rise with the average person reporting spending 7.4 hours a week streaming TV, 5.0 hours a week accessing video from a computer, 3.1 hours a week accessing video from a mobile device, and 3.0 hours a week accessing video from a tablet.
  • Of those streaming content, Netflix and YouTube have the highest daily reach (18% and 14%, consecutively), as well as highest weekly reach (39% and 40% consecutively).
  • Furthermore, of the various video streaming services available, the majority are accessed via TV or computer, with mobile not far behind (as shown in the graph below).

Video Streaming Services by Device Use

Source: TouchPoints USA 2016.1, 2016 Wave Only, Age 18-64

“As technology continues to sink deeper into our daily routines, it is crucial for advertisers, agencies and media owners to have a clear understanding of media consumption across multiple devices,” said Joanne Van der Burgt, Executive Vice President, Media at RealityMine. “Through TouchPoints, we gain actionable insights that ultimately allow our clients to insert relevant brand content into the daily lives of consumers at the right time, via the right medium.”

About RealityMine

RealityMine is the global leader in single-source, cross-media measurement of consumers’ daily lives. Using its patented passive metering technologies coupled with its syndicated TouchPoints™ offering, the company provides some of the world’s largest media agencies, media owners and market research organizations with an enriched understanding of consumers’ feelings and behavior across all media types. RealityMine is headquartered in Manchester, England with international offices in Toronto, New York and Sydney, and serves clients globally.

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About TouchPoints

TouchPoints is an industry leading, multimedia consumer study that provides insight into how people consume all media throughout their day and week across multiple platforms. It is the only syndicated consumer insights and cross-platform research product for media agencies and media owners designed to inform integrated communications strategy, planning and execution.