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RealityMine Launches New Entertainment Data Solutions

By July 6, 2021 No Comments

RealityMine today announced a new suite of entertainment data solutions specifically for researchers working in the entertainment vertical. The new offer is able to capture and report on entertainment content that opted-in panellists have accessed across web, mobile app, tablet, and PC platforms.

The data researchers can access includes:

  • music, radio, podcast, and audiobooks on all major streaming services
  • film and television content across all major video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and YouTube
  • gaming content across game apps on Andriod and IoS and software running on a PC

RealityMine’s entertainment suite of data solutions researchers to understand things like:

  • How much time users spend on platforms/services, as well as what time of day and how often
  • Whether they’re listening to and/or watching or skipping ads, as well as which ones they’re listening to and watching and for how long
  • Unrivalled competitor intelligence by profiling your competitors’ customers
  • And contextual data about panellists digital lifestyles (eg, search, social media and e-commerce behaviours)

“During the pandemic consumers have turned to digital entertainment like never before, from video and audio streaming, and reading and gaming. For researchers trying to understand entertainment use across target demographics, having access to this behavioural data is more important than ever in terms of gaining a fuller, more accurate picture in market research,” says Alex Sunnerstam, SVP Data Solutions & Partnerships.

About RealityMine
RealityMine enables many of the world’s largest market research and media organisations to monitor real consumers on multiple devices, across all major platforms, revealing unique insights from real life consumer behaviour. The firm’s RealityMeter can be deployed across Android, iOS and desktop platforms, and is deployed by leading panel owners and research clients across five continents. RealityMine is headquartered in Manchester, England with offices in London, Stockholm and Sydney. For more information, visit