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RealityMine to Host Seminar at 2014 MRMW Conference

By May 12, 2014 No Comments

RealityMine is to host a seminar at the 2014 Market Research in the Mobile World Conference, being held from May 27th to 30th in Chicago. Session title is, “Delving Deeper into Viewer Experiences: How Combined Data Collection Technologies Can Lead to More Robust Insights.”

MRMW, which is one of the world’s leading mobile research events, is expected to see attendance from over 3000 visitors worldwide. RealityMine is a gold sponsor of the event and the company’s seminar, which will take place at 12 noon on May 27th, will focus on the impact of sporting events on our mobile footprint, providing an insight into the mobile world of sports viewers in the USA. It will explore how blending multiple sources of data can enrich knowledge of consumer behavior generally and will look specifically at how incidents during sporting events can affect consumers’ media behavior.

RealityMine ran three projects across the start of 2014, capturing and analyzing behavior of sports viewers in the USA during the Super Bowl, the Winter Olympics and ‘March Madness’ to see differing consumer trends within and between each event. At MRMW 2014 the company will discuss combining real-time survey data, passively monitored mobile device data and demographic profile data to gain a view in the daily life of a sports viewer and how they can be effectively marketed to. Additionally, RealityMine’s seminar will look at how incidents in a sports event can affect media behavior and whether the final result impacts on advertising effectiveness in the digital world.

RealityMine’s CEO Garry Partington commented, “Great sporting events define generations and play a big role in bringing society together. But what effect do they have on our typical media consumption and, specifically, on the way we use our mobile phones? Does a global sporting event change consumers’ typical daily pattern of media consumption? Our paper will look to draw out some typical ‘day in the life’ timelines of various demographic profiles of sports viewers to demonstrate what products they are most likely to purchase and at what time of day they are most likely to be reached via different mediums.”

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