Enabling self-service analysis of passive data

RealLife Answers provides market researchers with a tool to query large, complex behavioural data sets in a manner that is familiar to them.

Identify game-changing insights

One of the biggest obstacles that researchers face while using behavioural data in their research projects is the difficulty in filtering through the large, complex dataset outputs that come from passive metering. That’s why we’ve developed our user-friendly, high quality passive data analysis tool.

With RealLife Answers, you can analyse behavioural data quickly and efficiently, providing your clients with information they can rely on to make informed business decisions.

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Gain a fuller, more accurate picture

With RealLife Answers, you’ll be able to:

  • Create custom queries in your current or historical projects.
  • Understand complete media brand reach – aggregate respondents’ usage of multiple versions of media owner products.
  • Analyse behaviour by key media metrics – who, how often, duration, what time of day, and much more.
  • Build in survey questions with actual, real life behavioural data sitting behind the query.

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