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RealityMine’s web-based data analytics platform, Metis, was developed to work with our unique behavioural data sets. It brings to the surface insights buried deep in the raw data through multidimensional analysis of panellist attributes, the behavioural variables we measure, and the time over which those variables change. Through Metis, we enable you to define how these dimensions are aggregated, calculate reach and time-spent metrics, and arrive at an understanding of consumers’ daily lives.

Currently, the eDiary reporting module offers an overview of TouchPoints data sets, allowing you to define a target demographic as well as additional panellist-level data, and a series of behaviours from eDiary survey responses. Furthermore, you can create a visualisation that projects reach or time spent among the target population across half-hours of the day — and days of the week. Share reports within your organisation and export charts and data for additional analysis.

Interested in being a beta user of our new Metis Behavioural Analytics module? Our in-house team of data scientists and analysts will help you discover the benefits of passive and active data, as well as additional new features.

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