Explore the richest combination of consumer-centric data to allow an in-depth understanding of how consumers spend their day.


Leverage our single-source, cross-media data sets to identify the optimum moments to reach your target audience. Discover their digital and real life behaviour. TouchPoints is available in multiple markets around the world.

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Gain unique and actionable insights into consumer behaviour with our continuously measured data set. Powered by passively collected data, RealLife provides granular detail of your target customers’ everyday life, and is available in multiple markets across the globe.

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Our data analysis tool reveals the story behind the data to inform business and marketing strategy, as well as decision making. Leverage our analytics to understand the critical relationships and drivers of viewing behaviour across TV, digital and social. Metis is compatible with TouchPoints, RealLife and RAMP, and has the ability to be integrated with third-party systems.

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Achieve a more complete picture of your customer’s device usage, media usage, and daily life through RealityMine’s audience measurement platform (RAMP). Built on our passive and active data tools to measure web browsing, app usage, and other metrics, RAMP is available for multiple devices (including mobile, PC, laptop and tablet).

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Our Services Include:

 Custom Analytics

Research Design and Support

 Panel Development and Maintenance

Our focus is to make it easy for our clients to access and use our data.