Mobile Market Research for the Digital age

Most market research is still performed using traditional Pen and Paper. Just yesterday I filled in a Gfk paper form for a recent car purchase, 8 pages of questions, but for some reason I still felt compelled to do it for no reason other than I liked the salesman at the dealer, which has already skewed the sample response!

But what if there was no need for the questions, what if my smartphone had been passively monitoring me from the moment I bought the car.

They would have seen that I had been back to the garage twice – they could have tied that to records on why my car needed a repair. They would have also been able to see the amount of miles I had travelled since purchasing the car ( and the miles in the car as my phone connects via BlueTooth).

Which made me go back and look at the form, and the questions on there, and out of the all questions it boiled down to 3 or 4 questions about me as an individual

My Salary Bracket, whether I owned my own house, and whether I would recommend the car / dealer to others.

Market research is changing, and with the advent of mobile, Mobile Market research is a whole new area. The insights which can be generated from a mobile device provide a researcher with a level of data which has previously been un-available.

The Digital Age means the Mobile Market Research tools and technology which RealityMine has built allows a marketeer to really understand a consumers journey. What causes them to buy, or perform other actions, and deliver meaningful insights.

We enable RealityMining through the use of Mobile, Home Routers, PC and Mac clients, diaries and surveys.

Garry Partington, RealityMine.