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Latest TouchPoints USA Release Reveals 89% of Americans Indulge in Snacking on a Weekly Basis

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RealityMine, the global leader in single-source, cross-media measurement of consumers’ daily lives, today announced the release of TouchPoints USA 2016.2. The study surveys adults aged 18-64 to better understand how TV, digital, mobile, radio, PC, game console, over-the-top (OTT) video viewing and other behaviors interact – supplying context to media behavior throughout the day.

TouchPoints also integrates the emotional states of consumers, as well as how these emotions affect purchase decisions through passive behavioral data. Highlights from the findings include:

Americans crave snacks while watching TV at home

  • 89% of respondents report that they indulge in snacking throughout the week.
  • The most popular location for Americans to snack is at home and the most popular media device associated with snacking is their television.
  • Snacking peaks on Thursdays (51%), specifically at 3 pm, and the least popular day for snacking is Wednesday (47%).
  • Chips, cookies and crackers lead in popularity among the snacking population, while nutrition bars are least popular.

Thursday evening is popular among Americans who enjoy online shopping

  • 34% of respondents report shopping online.
  • Online shopping peaks on Thursdays (10%) and is least popular on Mondays.
  • Most online shopping occurs at home, but Thursday is also popular for out-of-home online shopping with work being the second most popular location.
  • 7:00 pm on Thursday is a peak hour for online shopping at home.
  • Fashion and apparel is the leading category for online shopping activity.

 American consumers are changing their media behavior

  • 73% report the use of online video (up 3%) per week when compared to the previous release of TouchPoints USA 2016.1, while time spent per user is also up 1.4 hours a week to 9.3 hours per user.
  • 36% of respondents report weekly use of tablets, a 4% decrease from the previous release. However, time spent per user is up 7%.
  • 14% of respondents report the use of smart wearables, with the majority of reported usage among this group relating to exercise (56%).

From which locations are Americans reporting themselves at each week?

  • 51% of respondents say that they visit a bar or restaurant, 31% visit a medical facility, 22% visit a place of worship, 17% visit a gym or health club, and 14% visit a movie theater.

Americans are engaged with a number of activities in an average week

  • 83% or respondents report that they shop in-store.
  • 76% say that they “do nothing in particular” for an average of seven hours within the week.
  • 50% say that they play sports or exercise at least once during the week.
  • 37% care for pets, 36% participate in activities with children, and 21% care for an elderly person.
  • 33% say that they receive or self-administer some form of medical care.
  • 28% take part in religious activities.
  • 13% volunteer in their local community.

The data collected via RealityMine’s TouchPoints USA 2016.2 survey is available to customers via Metis and other third party platforms such as Nielsen IMS, Telmar and MRI Reporter. For additional insights, contact

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RealityMine is the global leader in single-source, cross-media measurement of consumers’ daily lives. Using its patented passive metering technologies coupled with its syndicated TouchPoints™ offering, the company provides some of the world’s largest media agencies, media owners and market research organizations with an enriched understanding of consumers’ feelings and behavior across all media types. RealityMine is headquartered in Manchester, England with international offices in Toronto, New York and Sydney, and serves clients globally.

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