Improving Media Spend by Identifying Consumer Behaviour

[Case Study]


We wanted to make our client’s media spend work harder for them; receptivity was identified as an opportunity that had not yet been considered.

Client Objective

Not every impression is created equal. Some offer a greater opportunity to be noticed and acted upon than others. These are most likely to occur in or around periods of being active within a specific category, or when considering a category-related purchase (such as cleaning supplies).

There was a critical opportunity to make our client’s media laydowns more efficient through identifying:

  • the right moments or occasions to reach their target audience;
  • the right time(s) and day(s); and
  • the various touchpoints their target audience is most receptive to.


Using the TouchPoints UK time diary, we investigated when our client’s target audience was doing housework — and more importantly, we investigated which media were being consumed while they did it. Weekday mornings were found to be a key period for their audience, and radio was found to dominate their housework time until mid-day.


The client’s current laydown was peak TV dominated. Our recommendations gave the client several options based on the time diary analysis provided via TouchPoints UK, including:

  • the potential to increase TV weights (currently very light in the morning); and
  • the potential to test radio, which was shown to offer a strong reach opportunity until lunch time.