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How Do Americans Use Technology in the Workplace?

By July 3, 2014 No Comments

Working Insight (1)The importance of mobile in the workplace is often overlooked. In an age where colleagues are often stationed in other offices, countries and even continents, mobile has become an essential part of the working environment. According to statistics from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (2012), the average American spends approximately 1790 hours each year in work and with this in mind RealityMine has analysed the media consumption, use of technology and common emotional pattern within the US workforce.

Unsurprisingly, computers are the most commonly used device, with 64% of people in the workplace confirming that they use them during the week. American workers are most likely to be using the internet, e-mailing and using work specific software during their working day. 74% of people using computers at work were accessing e-mails; this emphasizes the continued importance of e-mail, regardless of innovation in instant messaging technology and adds weight to the significance of advertising e-mail campaigns in targeting employed demographics.

What is noticeable is the reach of mobile phones. 54% of people used mobile at some point during their working day and had the highest reach between 2PM and 4PM as many people’s days will have been drawing to a close. Social networking apps had the highest reach of all apps among people in work, with 34% of all people in work using such apps at some point during the day. Even when at work, we want to stay connected to the different networks in our life but while traditionally it has been seen as a distraction to work, we could be seeing a rise in social networking as a workplace tool for brand building and marketing across all employees.

When we’re at work, we use the internet differently depending on what device we’re using and this should be noted by advertisers seeking to target via different methods. Social networking sites were popular with mobile phone users, while news, search and banking sites were more popularly visited via a computer browser.

Generally we see that the majority of people feel positive in work People tend to say that they are contented or happy throughout the working day. Of all negative emotions, frustration was the most highly reported, followed by exhaustion and boredom.

By taking a look at the changes in reported emotions over time and day, we found that people who worked on Saturdays were less likely to report feeling contented than those who worked during the week. Happiness was most commonly reported on Fridays and frustration considerably reduced in workers as the week progressed. We’re happy on a Friday, unless we’re working on Saturday!

RealityMine analysts have used data captured from 199 panellists from the USA between March 14th and June 4th 2014. RealityMine used USA TouchPoints e-survey tool to capture panellist’s behavior on a half hourly basis.

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